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We go beyond the first 5 steps and show you everything you need to know and do – from start to finish – when starting a legal CBD, Hemp, Medical or Recreational marijuana business.

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See step-by-step details for starting a cannabis business, how much it really costs and the requirements to be 100% legal so you can take the first step toward making this actually happen.
GreenZipp helped me get my growing facility setup and operating. I was nervous about doing it all by myself, but I’m so glad I found them. It was exactly what I needed and they made it simple and easy to understand for me and offered help for anything I asked.

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For a limited time, get a Starter Package for just $129 (a $70 Value) that will show you:

  • All required steps and the order to do them, so you won’t waste time, money and can get started on your business right away.
  • Every potential business type (retail store, cultivator, product manufacturer, transporter, etc.), including their pros & cons, so you can figure out the best business for you and your budget.
  • The requirements for a 100% legal business so you can get licensed and ensure you’re always following the laws.
  • The biggest assumptions and mistakes most new owners make and what to do instead, so you can avoid costly, time-consuming issues.
  • How much money it costs to get a cannabis business started, including different budget scenarios (high and low), so you can truly understand how much everything will cost.

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GreenZipp works wonders. Their expertise is beyond superb. The level of professionalism and commitment to the customer is like no other. I’m forever grateful.
Green Pharm

We're GreenZipp

We remove the hassle of starting a cannabis business.

Every client we work with starts out exactly like you:
With the dream of starting a cannabis business but aren’t sure how to actually do it. 

The biggest challenges when starting a cannabis business are knowing what’s legally allowed, how much it will cost, and then figuring out the real-world, actionable steps to get the business licensed and setup 100% legally.

We know all too well how overwhelming, confusing and discouraging the process can be.

This is why we used our decades of combined experience to create the Starter Packages – to help people, just like you, cut through the noise, put a solid plan of action together and actually make this dream a reality.  


Got their package to help me understand and anticipate the laws in my state when they legalized marijuana. It was very informative and helped get me ahead when the time came to setup my business. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Starter Packages will be delivered via email in digital, PDF format and show you everything you need to know and do – from beginning to end – to start your legal CBD, Hemp, Medical or Recreational Marijuana business.

We also answer the biggest, most common questions we’ve gotten from clients over the past 10+ years, including how much it costs to start every type of cannabis business and how to find the legal requirements quickly and easily.

This is a digital product that will be delivered to you via email. No physical products will be sent to you via regular mail.

In the Starter Packages you'll learn:

  • Every step (including checklists) for starting a CBD, Hemp, Medical or Recreational Marijuana business.
  • How much it costs to start (high and low budgets).
  • The types of funding available for cannabis businesses.
  • How to find what's legally allowed in your area.
  • What business types (retail, growing, transportation, etc) are best for you.
  • Recommended employees and positions for all cannabis business types.
  • The requirements for a 100% legal business.
  • And so much more...

At this time our Starter Packages are only available in digital PDF format.  You can print the entire bundle and have it bound or keep it in a 3-ring binder, or you can print just the pages you need.

The Starter Packages will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minute of your purchase.

The Starter Packages are for people that:

  • Aren't sure how to get started or where to begin.
  • Need to know how much it actually costs to start a cannabis business.
  • Want to learn every step and requirement for a 100% legal CBD, Hemp, Medical or Recreational Marijuana business.


This package is NOT for you if:

  • You already know all the legal and operational requirements.
  • You have all funding in place.
  • You only need help getting licenses.

The industry is changing rapidly. Just because cannabis isn't legal in your area yet doesn't mean it won't be in the coming years, which means you need to be preparing RIGHT NOW for when that happens.

So many people think they can put an entire business, funding and all their applications together in a few weeks. WRONG. It can take anywhere from a few months all the way up to 2-3 years to start a 100% legal business.

If you're actually serious about starting a cannabis business, you need to be working on it RIGHT NOW.

So either prepare ahead of time or get left in the dust by your competitors who are working on their businesses right now.

Yes, absolutely! We spent years compiling and putting all the necessary steps together into plain, simple English so there's no confusion. If there's steps that are specific to your city or region, we show you how to quickly and easily find the answers needed. If you need help outside of the package, we always have Support Packages available so we can jump in and lend a hand - but you likely won't need it.

Our return policy is very simple: If the Starter Packages aren't what we say they are, then send us an email and we'll give you a full, 100% refund.

Since the Starter Packages have been available, we've never had a single customer return it - not one - so we're pretty confident you'll find the Starter Packages incredibly valuable.

When you see the final products and how much work went into them, it's worth every cent.

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Happy with the service and will always recommend you when someone is looking to start their marijuana business. Great customer service too – and for this non-techie/business person, very easy to work with.

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