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Pre-Legalization Package

$99.99 USD

If your state hasn't legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use yet, or the regulations will be voted on in the near future, there's still a lot you can do to get ahead of the competition to ensure you're at the front of the line when your state legalizes and implements their laws and regulations.

Our Pre-Legalization package gives you a complete overview of all the other state's laws that are currently in place. This allows you to have a thorough understanding of the types of policies and regulations currently used in other states. The reason it's important to know them is because the newer states always borrow laws and regulations from the current marijuana states, so the chances are very high that most of the same rules will be used in your state once the regulations are voted on and put into place.

After studying our Pre-Legalization package, you'll be well-informed and have the ability to anticipate the requirements you'll need to meet in order to own a medical or recreational-use marijuana business. 

The package will be delivered instantly to you via fast and secure download.