Cannabis Laws, Policies & Regulations Breakdowns

If wading through hundreds of pages of licensing requirements, operating regulations and legal documents for your CBD, Hemp, Medical or Recreational Marijuana business isn’t your ideal way to spend a few weeks, we understand. Our Breakdown Packages are custom-made to deliver only the specific requirements, laws and operational details that matter to you and your business.

Clients use the breakdown packages for:

  • Getting the complete licensing policies, regulations and requirements that only matter to their business on all levels: federal, state/province, county or city.
  • Understanding the operational policies, regulations and requirements the business must follow for licensing and legal compliance.
  • Decoding all the legal mumbo-jumbo into actionable plain English.
  • White labeling these packages for their legal, financial and investment clients.
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Quick & Painless (For You)

Within a handful of days, you’ll receive a complete top-to-bottom breakdown of everything you need to know and do for your business on whatever breakdown level you’ve chosen.

Instead of wasting weeks trying to figure out what things mean and if they’re relevant to your business, we make it dead simple for you – get this package and move on to working on the other pieces of your business while we research, contact government agencies and get all the details for you. 

No More Confusion

We’re asked by clients all the time, “Do I have to worry about..?” or “What is actually required for my business?” The answer isn’t easy because if you’ve never read through cannabis rules and regulations or dealt with local authorities and departments before, prepare for a confusing, frustrating crash course in legal terminology and how government agencies work.

This package will answer any and every question you have about what’s legal, what’s required and what you need to know an do in order to have a legal cannabis business.

Customized For Your Business

Each package is completely custom and created only for your location and business because the rules are different for each industry, business type and location. Your Associate will begin drafting your package right away and once completed, will deliver it to you via direct download. Typical turnaround time is anywhere from 1 to 10 business days, depending on your options.

Details That Matter

Since the package will be customized to your specific needs, an Associate will reach out after purchase and ask if you have any particular concerns or questions you’d like addressed in your breakdown package and will ensure they’re specifically highlighted and discussed, along with all the other details that will be relevant to you and your business.

My partners and I came to GreenZipp needing a lot of stuff done in a very short amount of time and they came through with flying colors. Our Associate was super helpful, very communicative and no-bs, which we loved. We had questions, they were answered thoroughly and they even caught a few mistakes we made in our initital drafts that we would have missed and submitted with our documents. They were great and exactly what we needed. So glad we found them.
United States
GreenZipp works wonders. Their expertise is beyond superb. The level of professionalism and commitment to the customer is like no other. I’m forever grateful.
Green Pharm
United States
The language, content, and information in the templates are significant in fulfilling application requirements. These templates have saved me a ton of writing time. By adding just some specific information, the template can be added to the area needed to complete the application.
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