Cannabis Copyrighting & Trademarking Package

If you’re going to spend the time and money to build a great cannabis business and brand, protecting yourself and your business from copycats, scammers and infringers is critical.

Our Copyrighting & Trademarking package will show you everything required to protect you and your company’s assets around the world, plus more.

Clients use this package for:

  • Verifying your brands & products can be protected
  • Finding conflicts with current companies or brands
  • Filing for copyright and trademark protection
  • Acquiring already-taken social media usernames & .com’s

Digital Download
24/7 Customer Support

Easy, No-Hassle Execution

Our Copyrighting & Trademarking package is designed to be flexible and sophisticated enough to be used by multinational investment groups, single-member startups, as well as law and accounting firms.

By following our straight-forward instructions, anyone will be able to quickly and easily begin filing for copyrights and trademarks*, and more.

Everything You Need​

Included are the details for everything you need to know and do to ensure you and your company’s assets are protected from predatory and unscrupulous business practices and competitors – both online and offline around the world.

Written in plain, simple-to-understand English, you will be able to complete the entire process from start to finish.

Instant Download​

The package is delivered instantly via download after purchase. The files are in formats: PDF, Microsoft Word and comes in a single zip file (files may vary depending on certain factors). You will need to download the package with a computer as tablets and phones will have trouble unzipping the files. 

Domestic & International

The package shows you everything you need to do to claim your copyrights and trademarks in the United States, as well as around the world: Canada, The United Kingdom,The European community, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Included In The Package

  • Searching for conflicting copyrights & trademarks.
  • Coordinated Classes search
  • Finding similar corporate names
  • Searching internet domain names
  • Find common law trademarks
  • Filing infringement claims on social media sites
  • Acquiring social media accounts using your brand(s)
  • Costs
  • Timelines & Filing Periods
  • Acquiring your website domain names (even if they’re taken)

*Legal counsel may need to be consulted depending on your individual needs.

I had a very pleasant time working with my Associate at GreenZipp. They answered all of my questions in a timely manner and delivered a solid product at the end. I would refer this service to friends.
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I purchased a package from GreenZipp and the service was great. They made everything easy with excellent communication. I look forward to working with GreenZipp in the future on other services.
James F.
United States
Really easy and awesome to work with. They get things done professionally and are always willing to help at any point. They’re a great service.
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