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Privacy Policy

Privacy is a big deal to us

Identity & Access

When you purchase a product with GreenZipp, we ask for very basic information. That's just so we can personalize documents, procedures, etc. for you and we can send you invoices, updates, or other essential information. We’ll never sell your personal info to third parties, and we won’t use your name or company in marketing statements without your permission, either.

When you write GreenZipp with a question or download any free information products, we'll keep that correspondence, and the email address, for possible marketing campaigns and future reference. When you browse our marketing pages, we'll track that for statistical purposes (like conversion rates and to test new designs). We also store any information you volunteer, like surveys, for as long as it makes sense.

The only time we’ll ever share you info:

We protect your information

All information and credit card transactions are processed using secure encryption—the same level of encryption used by leading banks and government agencies. Card information is transmitted, stored, and processed securely on a PCI-Compliant network. Your mother could contact us and we wouldn't even tell her whether you're a customer or not. We're that strict about it.

Law enforcement

GreenZipp won’t hand your data over to law enforcement unless a court order say we have to. We'll flat-out reject requests from local and federal law enforcement when they seek data without a court order. And unless we're legally prevented from it, we’ll always inform you when such requests are made. Luckily, this has never happened in the history of the company, but just in case...


All data is encrypted via SSL/TLS when transmitted from our servers to your browser. We adhere to very strict, government-grade encryption and privacy policies. Data isn’t encrypted while it's live in our database (since it needs to be ready to send to you when you need it), but we go to great lengths to secure your data.

Changes & questions

GreenZipp may update this policy once in a blue moon — we’ll notify you about significant changes by emailing the account owner or by placing a prominent notice on our site. You can access, change or delete your personal information at any time by contacting us. Questions about this privacy policy? Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them!