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What marijuana/cannabis businesses can you start in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin legislative session has adjourned, and a very limited medical cannabis bill was passed and signed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. The new law, A.B. 726, exempts a very limited class of individuals from criminal penalties for the use and possession of cannabidiol “in a form without a psychoactive effect.” While this is an improvement to current law,it leaves the vast majority of medical marijuana patients without legal protections for using and possessing the medicine their doctor thinks is best for them. 

The law allows individuals with seizure disorders to possess non-psychoactive cannabidiol if they have their physician’s written approval. However, it doesn’t give patients a realistic way to obtain their medicine in Wisconsin. With all these limitations, this law may be unworkable even for the limited population it’s meant to help. 

Unfortunately, there are no stipulations for any businesses to open around this very limited law. 

What can you do right now?

To get ahead and be prepared for when the state starts licensing marijuana/cannabis businesses, you should:

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