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North Dakota

What marijuana/cannabis businesses can you start in North Dakota?

Under the new regulations, enacted as of November 8, 2016, North Dakota will be open for medical marijuana businesses.

The regulations of this measure have provisions for dispensaries also known as Compassionate Care Centers, which will cultivate a limited amount of medical cannabis and dispense it to registered patients. They are required to be set up as nonprofit and should maintain appropriate security, including well-lit entrances, an alarm system that contacts law enforcement, and video surveillance. They may not be located within 1,000 feet of a school, and they will be subject to inspections and other rules.

Applicants will pay a $5,000 non-refundable application fee and, if they are approved, a $25,000 licensing fee.

Compassion center licenses will be granted based on a merit-based application process, which will consider the suitability of the proposed location; the applicants’ character and expertise in related fields; the proposed centers’ plans, including for record keeping, safety, and security, staffing and training, preventing diversion, and for pesticide-free cultivation; whether the applicant has sufficient capital; and its ability to make medication affordable for all patients.

As of right now, the state has not indicated how many licenses will be issued and when they will open the application period to would-be entrepreneurs.

What can I do right now?

To get ahead and be prepared for when the state will start licensing marijuana businesses, you should:

    • Read through the regulations to understand more about Compassionate Care Centers.
      • Get our free starter package to give you a general overview of what to expect when the state starts licensing marijuana businesses.
        • You'll need a business plan for licensing and even more so if you'll be seeking financing and investors or partners. See our Marijuana Company Business Plans page for details - choose "Pre-Legalization" under the "State" drop-down menu to get a business plan that provides the most flexibility with the current unknown regulations.
        • Setting up a Non-profit Corporation.
          • If you're serious and want to determine what moves you can be making right now to get a leg up on the competition for licenses - get one of our marijuana business consultation packages and let our expert Associates review your situation and instruct on the intelligent moves you could be making now to increase your chances of winning licenses.

            How To Open a Compassion Center in North Dakota

            The state allows potential business owners to open a compassion center in North Dakota. Whether this is possible or not will hinge entirely on the city and/or county of choice, as the state allows the local municipalities to ban or place moratoriums on whether to license centers for operation or not.

            1. Setup your Marijuana Business Corporate Structure.
            2. Create your Dispensary Business Plan
            3. Determine your potential location(s) and investigate whether licensing is possible in the prospective cities or counties.
            4. Acquire the necessary licenses to operate your dispensary and be completely legal and compliant.
            5. Install the operational infrastructure to be in accordance with all regulations and then open your doors for business.
            6. Contract with cultivators and/or edible/extraction/infused products manufacturers to grow and produce marijuana products for you, if you don't want to do it yourself.

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