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What marijuana/cannabis business can you start in Alaska?

On November 4, 2014, Alaskans voted to end decades of harmful and ineffective marijuana prohibition, and replace it with a system in which marijuana is taxed and regulated like alcohol.

Measure 2 removes penalties for adults 21 and older who possess, use, and grow a limited amount of marijuana. It tasks the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board with regulating and licensing marijuana producers, wholesalers, processors, and retailers. It also gives the legislature the authority to create a new Marijuana Control Board at any time to assume such power, duties, and responsibilities related to marijuana regulation.

The regulations of this measure have provisions for:

  • Marijuana cultivation facilities - who can cultivate marijuana for wholesale.
  • Marijuana product manufacturing facilities - who can produce marijuana extracts and products.
  • Marijuana testing facilities - will test marijuana and marijuana products for quality control before being sold to consumers.
  • Marijuana retail stores - will be allowed to sell marijuana and related items to individuals 21 and older.

    Under the timeline set forth in AS 17.38, the ABC or Marijuana Control Board must begin accepting applications by February 24, 2016 and issue the first licenses in May of 2016.

    What can you do right now?

    To begin the process of applying to operate a legal marijuana business, you should:

    • Draft a Pre-Legalization Marijuana Company Business Plan so you can see and understand the costs associated with setting up a marijuana business, as well as projected revenues and financials that will allow you to decide whether this venture is for you or not. Acquire the pre-legalization version until the regulations are officially released in 2015. Clients use our business plans for fundraising as well as submitting and getting approval from the state, city and county licensing departments.
    • Or have GreenZipp do everything for you.
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