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Grow Package Details

S = Standard Package        G = Gold Package

Determination of type of grow license (S,G)
Your dedicated associate will review your questionnaire answers and provide insights and make a determination of what type of grow license you are seeking. Common types of licenses are: single grower, collective of growers or other cooperative structures.

Facilitation of State Recommendation (S,G)
In order to become a licensed grower, a state-licensed professional physician must recommend that you are fit to be able to provide medications to other patients in need. Your dedicated associate will research the facilities nearest you and provide you with a date and time to visit the facility to receive your recommendation.

Drafting of Grower's License Application (S,G)
After you have been approved to become a state-licensed grower, your dedicated associate will fill out the grower's license application with the appropriate information so your application can be approved.

Drafting of Notice to Law Enforcement (S,G)
Once your license application has been approved, your associate will draft a custom Notice to Law Enforcement. This document serves as a binding document to inform law enforcement officials of the legality of your growing business and must be kept in proximity to your growing facility.

Facilitation of State Identification (S,G)
After the state approves you as a licensed grower, you must receive an identification card with your name and picture and other relevant information. Your dedicated associate will facilitate the gathering of information and instruct on you on how to obtain your identification documentation.

GreenZipp Peace of Mind legal Review. (S,G)
Unlike software or do-it-yourself kits, our services include a personal review of your work for completeness, consistency and common mistakes. Along with hundreds of automated checks, our document specialists carefully review the answers you provide for the following:

  • Complete information. Our document specialists will contact you by phone and email if additional information or clarification is needed.
  • Internal consistency.
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation. We do not rely solely on software spell checkers. Every document is proofread by a document specialist.
  • Correct capitalization and lowercasing where required.
  • Proper pagination and blank space elimination.
  • Complete words. We spell out abbreviations or symbols in English.
  • Professional and consistent font usage.
  • Correct residency information. Indicating the proper state is critical to ensure the document conforms to your state’s requirements.
  • Full names. We verify that full names are given (first and last) and that all names appear consistently throughout the document.
  • Correct shipping addresses and email addresses to ensure timely delivery.

Filing of Grower's License Application (S,G)
After your Grower's License Application has been drafted, your associate will file the application for you, provided your physical presence is not required in order to do so.

Research City & County Permits & Licenses. (S,G)
In order to start growing, you need to research and speak to local officials about the laws and regulations for a grow facility in order to conduct business in a specific county or city. Your dedicated associate will research and speak to state and local representatives on your behalf and provide you with a report of their findings.

Priority Rush Service, Typically 7-10 Business Days. (G)
With Our Priority Rush Service, you can have your documents set up and delivered in 7-10 business days.
  • Your order is immediately marked for special handling
  • A specialist is assigned to proactively monitor the progress of your filings
  • Once your documents are complete, it is shipped to immediately.
City License/Permit Application Drafting and Filing. (G)
We will research and complete your City/County license or permit applications and file the documents with the appropriate agencies if your signature is not required. If it is required, we will send them to you to be signed, along with simple mailing instructions. If the state rejects the application, we will redraft and re-submit it. In the event the application is rejected a second time, our services will be considered rendered and not pursued further due to the outside factors (criminal charges, tax issues, etc.) not within our control. Once the State has approved your application, we’ll create and file the city or county medical marijuana license.

Associates available 24 hours a day. (G)
  • Free, unlimited online consultations with an associate about new business or legal matters during the paperwork process.
  • Get the one or two pieces of advice you need without paying a large retainer or being billed for hours you didn’t use.