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Dedicated Email Support

Get access, via email, to our whole team of amazing Associates to assist with virtually any and every part of your marijuana business from start to finish. 


Common Tasks

Use the Associates as little or as much as you want. Customers have been using our support for lots of things over the years, including but not limited to: 

How Does It Work?

Sign up one of the subscription packages offered.

Then, after receiving your confirmation of subscription, you'll be sent an introductory email from one of our Associates asking what you need help with.

From there, you'll assign tasks, ask for help, etc. via email and one or a few associates will complete your tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Associates will do everything in their power to accomplish tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, but depending on the scope of the task, some items may take longer than a few minutes or hours to receive a satisfactory answer or solution. If that happens, and we run over your subscribed time, you'll need to upgrade to a plan with more time or wait until your subscription renews for our Associates to continue.

The four things our Associates can't do:

  1. Get you patients/customers. (We don't broker customer lists, etc. Marketing and Publicity is not a brokering type service and we definitely help customers with those two items.)
  2. Introduce or act as a broker to/from product manufacturers.
  3. Draft documents from scratch that we currently offer on our website.
  4. Anything that is illegal, goes against regulations, general business ethics, etc.

Since each customer's needs are different and have many factors involved, we can't account for every situation, but the general rule is that if something is required that is currently part of another package or product offered by us, we cannot provide it as part of a support subscription. Example: Bespoke pro-forma financials or business plans.


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