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Complete how-to guides for installing the corporate infrastructure to start and operate your 100% legally compliant medical and recreational marijuana business in your state. Meets all regulations required by your state.



A complete Do-It-Yourself package with detailed, step-by-step instructions for everything you need to know and do to install the corporate infrastructure to start and operate your 100% legally compliant medical or recreational marijuana business. If your state is not listed, then only "Diamond" options are available.

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  • Delivered via fast & secure download in PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel formats
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Our most popular package gives you everything from the Gold Package plus an additional 3 days of our awesome email support to use whenever you like.  

  • 3 days of email support from our expert team of Associates.
  • Delivered via fast & secure download in PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel formats.


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Clients who are looking to save time and want everything done correctly, efficiently and in 100% legal compliance use our Diamond service.

Our seasoned Associates form marijuana companies day in and day out, so we're uniquely equipped and qualified to handle anything and everything in regards to this phase of starting a legally compliant marijuana business in all legal states.

  • A completely bespoke package tailored to your business needs - however big or small.
  • A dedicated team of Associates at your disposal.
  • Email and optional phone support from our Associates.


    Overview of the Package

    The package includes simple yet detailed instructions and steps to follow specifically for your state so you can be in 100% legal compliance when installing the corporate structure of your business. We take something as complicated and confusing as the state's regulations and requirements and boil it down to plain, simple English, with equally simple instructions about how to go about forming your company so you're setup properly.

    We try to account for all situations so you can understand everything that's required and why and how it affects you and your business and ensure you're completely confident and comfortable and understand exactly what you're doing and why.


    The package will first go over the requirements before you begin so the proverbial table is set properly to executive the follow sections and steps quickly and efficiently. 

    Definitions of Key Terms

    The package will go over the key terms you'll need to know so you understand what is happening and how they relate to the required steps and procedures. 

    How To Choose and Verify a Company Name

    Choosing a company name is a step that many new and veteran business people overlook. Something as trivial as this can trigger audits, investigations or even revocation of licenses or applications.  

    The package will show you example names, the common pitfalls and how to verify if your company name is available in your state as well as how to claim your business name so others can't use it. 

    How To Choose the Right Financing Options

    This is a critically important steps that cannot be taken lightly. We'll go through the different funding options available to you and your business and make recommendations based on your state and business type about the best funding avenues for your business.

    How To Determine Your Partners/Co-Founders

    This is a critically important step that even seasons business professionals gloss over. Our Associates will go over the things to look for in a partner/co-founder as well as the common pitfalls we see clients fall into from time to time and how to avoid them.

    Founder Agreements

    Continuing from the last section about Partners/Co-Founders, we'll provide you with regulatory compliant founder agreements (contracts) and instructions about how to tailor them to your specific needs.

    How To Elect a Board of Directors & Corporate Officers

    To the uninitiated, this might seem a trivial step, but the licensing departments of the states, cities and counties will give a lot of weight to who your board members and corporate officers are. Especially with competition extremely high for licenses, who you choose can be the determining factor of being issued licenses of not. 

    We'll go over why you need this, the recommended/required positions to fill for the best chance at being approved for licenses, the duties each position will preform, as well as considerations to understand and then the exact steps of how you appoint these individuals to the various positions.

    Corporate Bylaws, Meeting Minutes & Banking Resolutions

    Corporate bylaws set forth the rules and procedures governing the decision-making process of the Board of Directors and the general operation and management of the corporation consistent with the applicable state regulations and the corporation’s Articles of Incorporation.

    Board meeting minutes are a detailed record of the resolutions and business transacted during the Board of Director’s meeting. These minutes are an important form of record-keeping for all organizations because they serve as the official (and legal) record of the Board of Director’s meeting.

    Banking resolutions are documents drafted and adopted by a company’s Board of Directors to define the relationship, responsibilities, and privileges that the Directors have with respect to the company’s banking needs.

    We'll provide plug-and-play Corporate Bylaws, Meeting Minutes and Banking Resolutions with simple instructions for filling them out to meet your state's requirements so the business will be in 100% total compliance. 

    How To Obtain an Agent of Process

    We'll go over what this is, why you need this and how to obtain one. It's an important and common practice when setting up a company - not just in the legal marijuana/cannabis industry. Since the legal address for your company is made part of the public record, you should have business and legal notices delivered someplace other than your business address. If you're running the business out of your home or residence, you should definitely have this, as having an Agent of Process will help maintain privacy. 

    How to Incorporate as the Legally Allowed/Required Entity

    You probably thought this would be step 1, didn't you? Well, we're finally at the point where it's time to submit your incorporation documents to your state so you can have a legally required and compliant entity for your business.

    We'll go through all the entity types that are allowed according to your state's regulations and then give you simple and easy instructions for filling out and filing the appropriate documents to get your business officially documented and setup.

    How To Get a Federal Tax ID Number/EIN

    Every business requires a Federal Tax ID number, so we'll give you the detailed steps about how to acquire one. 

    How To Open Corporate Accounts

    We'll walk you through best practices and types of corporate accounts you can and should open so your business is ready to start the day your licenses are approved.


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