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Complete Marijuana Business License Packages

Our full-service licensing package is available to clients who want to work closely together to take their businesses from idea to reality - from start to finish or on a supplementary basis. Please use the button below to contact us so we can discuss how we may assist you. 

Overview of Full Service Marijuana Business License Package

Anything and everything that's required to start a 100% legally compliant medical or recreational marijuana business in your state. This can be working on full licensing, assisting with creating Standard Operating Procedures, setting up the corporation, etc. 

You'll work hand-in-hand with our amazing Associates throughout the entire process. Our team has been tried and tested in every state with medical or recreational marijuana laws in place and provide the quickest, easiest and best way to start your medical or recreational marijuana business.

Please note that there will be differences between the packages based on the state

Location & Licensing Determination 

We can determine, based on your city and county’s regulations, whether your pre-selected location(s) meet all requirements to operate legally. If you need help finding locations, we can interface with your real estate professional to ensure all locations will meet zoning and regulatory requirements. 

Company Setup & Formation

If you need assistance with this portion, we have Form Your Cannabis Company packages available just for this.

These necessary steps and document creations are covered in this portion of the Complete package (some steps may be different due to regulatory requirements in your state): 

  • Determine how the company will be financed
  • Determine Your Partners/Founders and Execute Partner/Co-Founder Agreements
  • Elect your Board of Directors & Corporate Officers
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Incorporate as an Entity
  • Get your EIN
  • Open Corporate Accounts
  • Register Trade Name(s)
  • Become a Patient or Caregiver (if required)

Licensing & Permitting

Our Associates can assist with drafting and submitting the required licensing and permitting documents and applications for your state and city.


Operations are a broad category and encompasses a large portion of the business setup and startup. Depending on your state, all or some of the below sections are required to ensure 100% regulatory compliance. Often, during the licensing phase, you may be asked to supply some or all of the documents and procedures listed below.

Human Resources

Most states have very specific requirements for employees on the state, city and county levels. For the cannabis industry, there may also be additional requirements outside of the state, city or county ones, as well. These are the most commonly required items:

  • How to hire employees
  • Employee applications
  • How to run background checks on potential candidates
  • All required federal and state documents 
  • Payroll Management and solutions
  • Average salaries for different marijuana industry employees & management.
  • Employee handbook and training materials
  • Staff training resources and materials

Contractor Operations

How to conduct business with outside contractors and associated documents/contracts to have them sign and provide to you in order to remain in legal compliance.

Record Keeping & Taxes

How to maintain the required records for licensing, auditing & tax purposes. As well as the details about your tax liabilities for your business type and what you can expect to pay in taxes.

Accounting & Tax Mitigation

We can help with suggestions for common accounting practices (GAAP) as well as the regulations that must be met in order to be in total compliance. Since we're not specialists in this capacity, we urge our clients to seek professional accountants or lean on us for recommendations. 

Inventory Control

We'll breakdown exactly the requirements for your inventory control system and what must be tracked and how. Some states required seed-to-sale tracking, others have varying degrees of said requirements. 

Patient/Customer Handling & Education

  • Educational materials to customers/patients
  • Sign-In/Check-In procedures
  • Tracking Procedures


We discuss and implement procedures for exactly what is required to be in compliance with all regulations and how to meet these requirements for your business. This often includes:

  • Customer Procedures - how to sell/provide product
  • Sign-In & Sign-out procedures
  • Patient/Customer verification & tracking

Marketing & Publicity

Our Associates will walk you through what is and isn't allowed in regards to marketing and publicity for your business. They'll also instruct you about how to join and promote on marketing outlets like Weedmaps, Leafly, Etc. and whatever is legally allowed for your state.

End of Year Procedures

At the end of every fiscal year, you'll be required to renew licenses, pay associated taxes as well as meet other state, city and county year-end requirements. Our Associates will go over everything you need to know and do for the end of each year so you remain in compliance for the following year.  





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