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Complete Marijuana Business License Packages

The below packages are designed to help you with the application process for any medical or recreational marijuana business in all legal states. Our packages are designed to help you put together a complete application package to be submitted to the state, city and county officials so you can have a 100% legally compliant medical and recreational marijuana business.

If your state is missing from the drop down lists below, a Diamond Package is the only available option.
See our State Pages for details.

Marijuana Business License Package Gold


*If your state is not listed in the menu above, only a Diamond option is available.

A complete Do-It-Yourself package with detailed, step-by-step instructions for everything you need to know and do to get your marijuana business licenses to be in 100% legal and regulatory compliance.

  • 3 days of email support from our expert team of Associates to use whenever you want - a $750 value.
  • Delivered via fast & secure download in PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel formats

    Marijuana Business License Package Platinum


    *If your state is not listed in the menu above, only a Diamond option is available.

    Our most popular package gives you everything from the Gold Package plus an additional 7 days of our awesome email support to use whenever you like.

    • 7 days of email support from our expert team of Associates - a $1750 value.
    • Delivered via fast & secure download in PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel formats.


      The "we do it all for you" option.

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      Clients who are looking to save time, get ahead of the pack, and want everything done correctly, efficiently and in 100% legal compliance the first time, use our Diamond service.

      Our seasoned Associates help clients start and run their marijuana businesses day in and day out, so we're uniquely qualified and equipped to handle anything and everything in regards to starting and running a legal marijuana business in all legal states.

      • A completely bespoke package tailored to your business needs - however big or small.
      • A dedicated team of Associates at your disposal.
      • Email and optional phone support from our Associates.

        Overview of the Marijuana Business License Packages

        Everything that's required to start a 100% legally compliant medical or recreational marijuana business in your state is covered in our complete packages.

        The packages are drafted by our amazing Associates and the included simple, thorough and easy-to-follow instructions are identical to what they do for Diamond customers. These procedures have been tried and tested in every state with medical or recreational marijuana laws in place and provide the quickest, easiest and best way to start your medical or recreational marijuana business.

        Please note that there will be differences between the packages based on the state (and what they require) and the business type.  

        All instructions and documents are included in Microsoft Word, Excel and/or PDF formats for ease of use and compatibility. 

        Business Plan & Financial Projections

        This part of the package contains our Business Plan individual package.

        Following the instructions will allow you to have a complete and professional business plan, including pro forma financials and projections, to start and operate your medical or recreational marijuana business in your state. Most business plans will be over 50+ pages when complete and be very thorough, which can be used for licensing applications and/or fundraising efforts.

        The business plan, financials and instructions are in Microsoft Word, Excel and/or PDF formats.

        Here’s the areas that are covered in the business plan:

        • Purpose, Organization & Services
        • The Market
        • The Opportunity
        • Financial Summary & Objectives
        • Keys to Success
        • Legal Entity
        • Company History
        • Organizational Chart
        • Management Team
        • Staffing Plan
        • Location & Facilities
        • Services & Products
        • Sourcing & Fulfillment
        • Current Market Analysis
        • Healthcare Industry & Trends
        • Marijuana Industry Forecast
        • Marketing Plan
        • Pricing
        • Promotion
        • Milestones
        • Revenue Forecast by Month
        • Personnel Table
        • Budget Table
        • Expenses by Month
        • Profit & Loss Statement
        • Gross Margin by Year
        • Net Profit by Year
        • Balance Sheet
        • Cash Flow Statement
        • Cash Flow by Month 


        Location & Licensing Determination 

        After you’ve drafted your business plan and associated financials, you’ll need to determine the feasibility of the business location(s) on the state, city and county levels.

        We’ll give you the state’s regulations for your business in plain english, then show you how to find your city and county’s regulations so you can determine whether the location(s) meet all requirements to operate legally.

        If you run into any snags during this section, definitely use your included email support and let our Associates lend a hand. 

        Company Setup & Formation

        This part of the package is exactly what’s included in our Form Your Company individual package.

        Here you will receive all the legally required documents

        These necessary steps and document creations are covered in this portion of the Complete package (some steps may be different due to regulatory requirements in your state): 

        Licensing & Permitting

        In the "Location & Licensing Determination" section, you already found the licensing and permitting requirements and documentation.

        Now our Associates will show you how to draft and submit the licensing and permitting applications for your state as well as provide example applications for cities and counties. While no two city and county applications are the same, they usually are similar and our Associates will prepare you for the common snags and pitfalls most people have when going through this process. 

        Our Associates can help navigate any issues you run in to with the included support.

        Location Requirements

        Often, your business, will need to meet very specific location requirements. This depends heavily on the state, city and county regulations. We'll give you a breakdown of every requirement your location must meet, as well as how to negotiate with landlords and property owners to meet those needs with as little risk exposure as possible. 


        Operations is a broad category and encompasses a large portion of the business setup and startup. Depending on your state, all or some of the below sections are required to ensure 100% regulatory compliance. Often, during the licensing phase, you may be asked to supply some or all of the documents and procedures listed below.

        Human Resources

        Most states have very specific requirements for employees on the state, city and county levels. For the marijuana industry, there may also be additional requirements outside of the state, city or county ones, as well. These are the most commonly required things to have (whatever is necessary for licensing and compliance in your state will be included):

        Contractor Operations

        How to conduct business with outside contractors and associated documents/contracts to have them sign and provide to you in order to remain in legal compliance.

        Record Keeping & Taxes

        How to maintain the required records for licensing, auditing & tax purposes. As well as the details about your tax liabilities for your business type and what you can expect to pay in taxes.


        A complete overview of common accounting practices (GAAP) as well as the regulations that must be met in order to be in total compliance.

        Inventory Control

        We'll breakdown exactly the requirements for your inventory control system and what must be tracked and how. Some states required seed-to-sale tracking, others have varying degrees of requirements. We will also make suggestions for the best solutions currently available on the market to meet all requirements.

        Patient/Customer Handling & Education


        We will tell and show you exactly what is required to be in compliance with all regulations and how to meet these requirements for your business. This often includes:

        Marketing & Publicity

        Our Associates will walk you through what is and isn't allowed in regards to marketing and publicity for your business. They'll also instruct you about how to join and promote on marketing outlets like Weedmaps, Leafly, Etc. and whatever is legally allowed for your state.

        End of Year Procedures

        At the end of every fiscal year, you'll be required to renew licenses, pay associated taxes as well as meet other state, city and county year-end requirements. Our Associates will go over everything you need to know and do for the end of each year so you remain in compliance for the following year.  


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