Kansas Cannabis Laws

Medical & Recreational Marijuana

Medical or recreational marijuana businesses are not currently allowed in the state of Kansas.

However, the state allows qualified patients to acquire and use CBD oil (less than 5% THC) to treat certain  medical conditions. If you want to start a marijuana business in Kansas, consider starting a CBD or hemp business now because states typically give existing cannabis businesses priority for any new cannabis/marijuana licenses that become available in the future.

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CBD & Hemp

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is responsible for regulating the cultivation of hemp, while State Fire Marshal deals with the processing of hemp. There are no specific guidelines or required licenses for retail stores to sell CBD products, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. The county and city where the business will be located may determine whether you can open and operate a CBD or hemp business within their borders or not. You’ll need to look up and verify those details yourself or with our help via a Starter Package

See the Resources section below for additional info.

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