California Cannabis Laws

Medical & Recreational Marijuana

Companies must be licensed by the state, as well as the local agencies (city and county) to grow, test, or sell cannabis within each jurisdiction. Cities and counties can choose whether to license none or some of these activities. Exporting marijuana to other states is currently illegal under state and federal laws.

On the state side, the industry is under three different state regulatory agencies. Retailers, distributors and testing labs are regulated by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. Cultivators are under the Department of Food and Agriculture. The Department of Public Health deals with product manufacturers.

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CBD & Hemp

CBD and Hemp is federally legal in the United States, but the laws in California for both CBD and Hemp remain in legal gray area.

The state has no special licenses required for retail stores to sell CBD products as well as no centralized guidelines for farmers and producers of CBD and hemp products, so you will need to check with the local jurisdictions (city and county) to see whether they allow any CBD or Hemp businesses within their borders or not.

In addition, adding CBD oil to foods and beverages and then selling them to consumers is currently illegal in the state.

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