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Let's Visit Washington's Marijuana Bar

Posted on  January 16, 2013 by  News Admin

I walked up the stairs, eager with anticipation, as the wonderful reality of what I was about to do sent happy shivers up my spine. This was my second time going up these stairs, but I was just as eager as my first. I took my last, deep, breath of fresh air and walked through the door into the bar. My nose was immediately assaulted by the rancid smell of tobacco smoke, but I knew I wouldn't have to deal with that for much longer. After ordering drinks, and receiving my new membership card, I sat down at a table directly under a vent, to get away from the tobacco smell. I then loaded the biggest bowl of banana kush I could fit into my pipe. As I drew in a large hit, all I could think was, "one small toke for man, one giant toke for mankind." This was my second trip to Frankie's Bar in Olympia, and though the overwhelming presence of cigarette smoke leaves much to be desired, I find it to be one of the more pleasant bar experiences I've had. The drinks are rather stiff and priced on par with other bars, and for a yearly $10 membership fee (or nightly $1 fee), you can join the private club on the top floor, where cigarettes and, now, marijuana can be smoked.  Frank Schnarr, Frankie's Bar owner, has already shown his willingness to stand up for people's rights. He turned the top of his bar into a...

So It Begins: Not-At-Fault Driver Charged With Marijuana DUI

Posted on  December 18, 2012 by  News Admin

  I-502 In Action: Cops Say Driver 'Technically At Fault' Because He Had THC In His System Before Washington state "marijuana legalization" Initiative 502 passed last month, some in the community, Toke of the Town included, publicly worried about the fallout from the measure's section on driving under the influence of cannabis. It appears those concerns were not groundless -- a driver, not at fault in a fatal accident, has been charged with DUI-marijuana in a deadly crash which ended the life of a pedestrian. According to the Vancouver Police Department, this is probably the first deadly crash involving marijuana since it became legal in Washington. The driver was not at fault, but was charged anyway, since police "believed him to be under the influence of marijuana." The victim, a male in his 50s, was believed to have been walking back home from a grocery store and stepped out into the middle of traffic around 5:50 p.m. at East Mill Boulevard and Andresen Road on Monday, according to police. Officials said the victim was close to two different lit and controlled intersections, "but chose to step out into the middle of traffic, which would clearly put him at fault," reports KPTV. But because the cops at the scene of the accident "believed" driver Scott Rowles to be "under the influence of marijuana," he was charged with DUI anyway. If his blood test shows that he was over five nanograms per milliliter (5 ng/ml) THC blood level, he will be considered automatically guilty;...

Washington Bar Welcomes Pot Smokers

Posted on  December 11, 2012 by  News Admin

 Things are changing in Washington state now that residents voted last month to legalize marijuana. As of Thursday, Washingtonians can smoke weed in the privacy of their own homes. And now, Frankie's Bar & Grill in the capital city of Olympia has invited pot smokers to toke up there. Owner Frank Schnarr, 62, said he hasn't smoked any marijuana since he fought in Vietnam in the 1970s, but he could sure use the extra income. "I'm about to lose my business," he told Jonathan Kaminsky of Reuters. "So I've got to figure out some way to get people in here." "To bring in another type of person to come in my establishment is a plus for me," Schnarr told Schnarr already fought state regulators in 2006 and won over allowing customers access to an upstairs closed-in smoking area more than 25 feet away from the entrances to his downstairs bar, reports The Associated Press. Customers pay $10 a year for the privilege of smoking tobacco in the "Friends of Frankie" room, reports Stephen C. Webster at The Raw Story. Alcohol is also served in the room by a staff of volunteers, paid by tips. Schnarr said he's now welcoming cannabis smokers in the room, as well, saying it will bring new revenue. "Friends of Frankie" already has more than 10,000 tobacco-smoking members, with more than 40 joining in the two days since he announced that marijuana would also be allowed. To appeal to his expected new weed-toking clientele, Schnarr has introduced...

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