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Uruguay: No Marijuana Tourism Under Legalization Plan

Posted on  September 11, 2012 by  News Admin

 Aw, man! If Uruguay's parliament approves a historic plan to legalize marijuana, drug tourism will not be allowed in the South American nation, President Jose Mujica said on Wednesday. The plan, under which Uruguay would sell marijuana to its citizens, will require people to prove they are Uruguayan before scoring any weed, Mujica told Agence France Presse (AFP). The legalization bill -- the first complete legalization in the world, as opposed to decriminalization of "tolerance" as practiced in places like the Netherlands and Portugal -- "is to resolve a problem that we ourselves have," President Mujica said. "We are not going to accept consumer tourism," he said. The legislation, proposed in June and sent to parliament in August, has not yet been approved. According to President Mujica, the idea is to take at least some of the cannabis trade away from black market traffickers and treat consumers as sick people rather than as criminals. Drug trafficking has gotten so bad in Uruguay -- a small nation bordering Brazil and Argentina -- that, for the first time here, rival drug gangs are settling scores by killing each other, according to Mujica. The bill won't do away with Uruguay's "drug problem," the president said, nor does it mean the government wants people to smoke dope. But "we feel that putting it above board, regulating it, can be a lesser evil than what is happening today," he explained. People who buy marijuana from Uruguay's state health care system would have to identify themselves....

Uruguay's Marijuana Legalization Proposal Sent To Parliament

Posted on  August 15, 2012 by  News Admin

  Law Would Make Uruguay First Government In World To Legally Supply Marijuana  The president of Uruguay on Wednesday submitted a proposal to Parliament to legalize marijuana under government-controlled regulation and sale, making it the first country in the world where the state would sell marijuana directly to its citizens. The proposal, signed by Uruguayan President José Mujica, is part of a package of measures aimed at fighting crime and requires parliamentary approval before being enacted. Despite Uruguay being one of the safest countries in Latin America, it has faced an increase in crime from drug gangs due to its position on a drug transit route to Europe via West Africa. The aim of the measure is to combat the rising insecurity in Uruguay by removing the profits of marijuana sales from drug gangs, separating the marijuana market from those for other illegal drugs, and avoiding marijuana users' exposure to drug dealers who also sell coca paste and cocaine. Additionally, the revenues from marijuana sales will be invested into treatment for "problem" drug users. The single article of the proposal states that the government "will assume the control and the regulation of the activities of importation, production, acquisition of any title, storage, marketing, and distribution of marijuana and its derivatives" and that these activities "must be exclusively realized in the framework of a harm reduction policy." "With this bold proposal, President Mujica is taking a key leadership role in the drug policy reform debate," said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of...