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Humboldt Stories: Marijuana Trimming Is The New Social Circle

Posted on  September 18, 2012 by  News Admin

  "It's not Weeds, it's Real" By Sharon Letts Nick drove down Samoa Boulevard from Arcata onto the South Spit, and into the town of Manila, where Greg lived. Tonight Greg was paying $200 a pound, plus a bag of popcorn, for the most tedious, boring work in the industry.  Getting onto someone's list for trimming is all about relationships, trust, and if the group wants you there. For the hours are long and often run into the wee hours of the morning.  There was also the issue of vehicles in front of the house to finesse. Too many, too many days in a row, and red flags would be raised. Greg was a musician, so if you had an instrument you carried it inside, and, if anyone wanted to jam on a break, so much the better. Nick parked down the street and took his guitar from the back seat. In his backpack were the tools of the trade: one small bottle of olive oil (for prepping fingers against resin); one pair of incredibly sharp Fiskars trimming clippers; one tray with a lip; and a container to collect the popcorn nugs. There were several circles working... one around the kitchen table, another in the living room, and one small group hanging on the back deck taking a break with a bong. "Hey, Man." Greg said to Nick, getting up from a big chair in the living room, putting out his hand to shake, pulling it back, fast. "Kinda sticky,"...