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Three Years, Man! Toke Of The Town Born On This Day In 2009

Posted on  November 26, 2012 by  News Admin

  Three years ago today -- actually, three years ago tonight, at 7:08 p.m. Pacific time -- my THC-stained fingers hit the "Post" button for the first-ever story on Toke of the Town. "The good thing about a free marketplace of ideas is," I wrote, in the first sentence ever to appear on this site, "despite the best efforts of prohibitionists and their fear-mongering propaganda, the truth eventually prevails." More than 3,600 stories later -- and with hundreds of joints, medibles, and bongloads littering my path -- I'm still loving this gig, and judging by pageviews, so are close to half a million of you every month. Toke didn't just happen. If it hadn't been for what was then called Village Voice Media's then-social media talent scout, John Boitnott, spotting my personal blog Reality Catcher making the front page of what was then social news-sharing site Digg, I wouldn't have had the chance, starting early in 2009, to write "Chronic City." That was a twice-weekly cannabis column for S.F. Weekly's online blog, "The Snitch." And if it hadn't been for Boitnoitt and Bill Jensen, then in charge of VVM's web presence worldwide, that well-received column would not have opened the door for Toke of the Town about six months later. I still clearly remember the three-way call between Boitnott, Jensen and myself that resulted in this website coming to life. John admirably presented to Bill the case for my being editor of the thing, and Jensen bravely agreed to give me the chance....