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Anonymous, Team Vendetta Announce 12-21-12 'aPOTcalypse'

Posted on  December 18, 2012 by  News Admin

 Online marijuana legalization group Team Vendetta, working in concert with the shadowy hacktivist collective Anonymous, has announced the "aPOTcalypse," which is what it is calling a new phase of direct action against cannabis prohibition. "When Team Vendetta joined the legalization movement, one of the things that we wanted to accomplish was to bring something new to the movement," our source in Team Vendetta told Toke of the Town on Monday afternoon. "Also, we have noticed the polarization of the 420 community due to infighting, so the team wanted to develop something that would help bring the cannabis community back together again to fight the war on cannabis oppression as one. "We would like to give the 420 community an online voice and the power to protest on a different level," our source told us. "Anonymous is actually one of the newest and truest democracies, due to its collective decisions. Its own checks and balances ensure that Anonymous is just not another bully, but rather a collective conscience as a whole." "Team Vendetta has decided to give you a new voice and weapon to fight the oppressors in the war against cannabis," our source said. "This form of protest is illegal, but it is peaceful and nonviolent, and requires collective approval and involvement to accomplish," the Team Vendetta member told us. "This form of protest is new to the 420 community and empowering and also exciting. "This form of protest is called a DDOS attack, and unless you are skilled it takes...

Team Vendetta Takes Down Drug Task Force Site

Posted on  September 04, 2012 by  News Admin

 Hacktivist Collective Responds To Drug Raid In Which 75-Year-Old Forced To Lie On Floor At Gunpoint As Her Dog Was Executed Earlier this month, when police held a 75-year-old woman at gunpoint and killed her dog, lots of us in the marijuana community were horrified, appalled and outraged. The disgusting, terroristic tactics of would-be Rambos on over-funded, over-armed, over-enthusiastic redneck local drug task forces is enough to make anybody want to throw up. Some, however, have more means at their disposal to express their disapproval of such jack-booted thug tactics. Members of the online activist collective Team Vendetta on Monday afternoon took down he website of the Wayne County Narcotics Enforcement Team, "doxing" the entire task force team (gleaning their personal information from the site) and posting online the information of the top three men in charge of the team. The widespread disgust was due to a botched drug raid during which Wayne County Sheriff's deputies, along with Macedon Police officers, broke into 75-year-old Phyllis Loquasto's home in Walworth, New York, forced her at gunpoint to lie on her bathroom floor, screamed at her to close her eyes and stay down, then executed her dog, "Duke," by shooting him. As she was lying on her bathroom floor, Loquasto could hear the cops talking in loud voices, reports Information Liberation. "The dog hadn't even barked, yet I heard one of them say, 'He's aggressive, shoot him!' I'll never forget the sound of that gunshot and the blood flying everywhere," Loquasto said....