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Police Shut Down First Cannabis Coffeeshop In Denmark

Posted on  October 08, 2012 by  News Admin

  Scandinavia may never be the same. Police in Copenhagen on Friday shut down Denmark's first cannabis "coffeeshop" cafe. At Smokenhagen, customers could buy marijuana over the counter, get a receipt, and smoke it openly right there in the cafe. During the raid, the police confiscated all the cannabis, but the shop is expected to reopen again soon, reports Danish website  Smokenhagen Coffeeshop openly sells cannabis following the Dutch model. Officer Jens Kristiansen told the Berlingske News Bureau that the police raided the coffeeshop around lunchtime on Friday. "The cafe was closed after our officers decided that there was illegal activity going on," Kristiansen said. "We confiscated drugs." The police wouldn't disclose the amount of cannabis that was seized in the raid. What the Danish newspapers aren't reporting is that marijuana was also being grown in Smokenhagen's basement. "On Thursday morning, I packed my whole huge grow room with nine strains of delicious Skunk together  According to, this isn't the first time police have closed  the shop. "We have been there many times during the summer," Kristiansen said. "And we will go there again after the cafe opens again." Although it's well known that you can be marijuana or hashish if you visit "Pusher Street" in Copenhagan's Christiania "hippie district," this is the first storefront coffeeshop in the country, and it's right in the middle of Copenhagen. According to owner Khodr "Cutter" Mehri, who appeared on the Danish TV show Afternshowet on Thursday, the cafe should be seen as a...