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Bill Introduced To Legalize Marijuana In Chile

Posted on  October 04, 2012 by  News Admin

 A proposed bill in Chile would legalize the consumption, possession and cultivation of marijuana in this South American nation. The proposed reform was introduced in July by liberal senators Fulvio Rossi and Ricard Lagos Weber. If the bill is passed, it would legalize cannabis for both personal and medical use, reports Tom Murphy at the Santiago Times. The logic behind the bill, the Times reports, is that by creating a legal way for users to consume marijuana, drug cartels will be robbed of business by those who choose to take advantage of the legal channel. Prior to the introduction of the legalization bill, Senator Rossi publicly admitted his own use of marijuana in an attempt to show that use doesn't equal abuse. But his comments prompted an attack by hysterical conservative opponents, who then spearheaded a bill to "prohibit marijuana use in Congress." The bill sprang from frustration with the current drug policy paradigm in Chile, according to drug policy expert Eduardo Vergara, one of the main forces behind the legislation. "After multilateral efforts, aggressive crop eradication plans, strategies to eliminate violent cartels, the US $100 billion spent annually on the 'war on drugs' and endless useless commitments, drug traffickers and cartels are more empowered than ever," Vergara told the Santiago Times. "Consumption and production are on the rise and yet we do not see any indication that the opposite will occur." Chile's movement for cannabis reform is mainly run by users, the Times reports, who have the backing of intellectuals, academics, and politicians....