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Big Romney Contributor Founded Abusive 'Drug Rehab' Program

Posted on  September 26, 2012 by  News Admin

 How Did Sembler Make His Fortune? Abusing Kids Republican financier Mel Sembler, a major donor to the Romney presidential campaign who formerly chaired the GOP's finance committee -- and that of Mitt himself -- made his fortune founding "drug rehab" facilities which are notorious for abusing teenagers. The 82-year-old Florida shopping mall multi-millionaire switched his political affiliation from the Democrats to the Republicans in 1979 -- because of his opposition to marijuana use, reports Lloyd Grove at the The Daily Beast. "Jimmy Carter made me a Republican," Sembler said. "And when Carter was dong all this pot smoking and stuff in the White House, I found it terribly distasteful." Sembler, a close pal of Dick Cheney's, has been raising money for Romney since he had a bonding talk with the one-term Massachusetts governor back in 2007, when Mitt was gearing up for his first presidential campaign. "In the past five years, Sembler has bundled many millions of dollars for the presumptive Republican nominee," Grove writes. The millions of ill-gotten dollars Sembler possess came as a result of his involvement in abusive "addiction treatment," reports Maia Szalavitz at The Fix. His rehab centers "treated" some 50,000 American teens with a daily routine which often included beatings, sleep deprivation for days, brutal restraints that often left teens urinating or defecating on themselves, public humiliation -- including misogynistic and homophobic insults -- lack of privacy, and even kidnapping and false imprisonment of both adults and youth, according to Szalavitz. Straight Incorporated, Sembler's "drug treatment" outfit,...