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Facebook Protest Results In Removal Of Anti-Marijuana Billboard

Posted on  October 15, 2012 by  News Admin

  An Oregon anti-legalization billboard depicting a haggard, stereotypical "drug addict" which reads "What is good about marijuana? Nothing," may be coming down after protesters organized on Facebook and vented their unhappiness to both the anti-drug group responsible for the message and the billboard company renting them the space for their reefer madness propaganda. The billboard in question, at the corner of 122nd and Division in Portland, which is in opposition to Measure 80, the voter initiative which will be on November's general election ballot and would legalize cannabis in Oregon, features what has been discovered to be a manipulated stock photo of a "meth addict," reports Deborah Morgan at Several of these billboards have been spotted in the Portland area, according to Bettie Retro, who works at a medical marijuana patients' lounge downtown. Retro said a coworker saw the billboard at 122nd and Division on his way to work, and shared the story with his colleagues. Portland is home to almost 10,000 registered, legal medical marijuana patients. The patients and their advocates are not amused by the billboards; they launched a Facebook event called "Protest the Billboard at 122nd & Division!" and plenty of people took notice. The page, administered by Retro and two other Facebookers, Cyn Sativa and Gdcc Mmj, put together a telephone protest to Clear Channel, the billboard company hosting the ad. "I have considered myself a medical marijuana supporter for a long time ... but it wasn't until about a year and a half ago...