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CA Supreme Court Dismisses Case Against City Regulation of Medical Marijuana

Posted on  September 13, 2012 by  News Admin

 The California Supreme Court has dismissed the case of Pack v. Long Beach, in which an appellate court had ruled that the restrictive permitting scheme for medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of Long Beach was illegal. This case was often cited by medical marijuana opponents to support the claim that any permitting or regulation of medical marijuana -- including those found in the local medical marijuana initiative proposals that have qualified for the November ballot around San Diego -- may not withstand legal challenges. These initiatives include Proposition H in Del Mar, Proposition W in Solana Beach, and Proposition T in Lemon Grove. Fortunately, with this dismissal, the Pack decision was de-published. This means that attorneys can no longer cite Pack as valid law. Similarly, a municipality cannot rely upon the Pack decision to ban lawful medical marijuana dispensaries, nor to conclude that local regulation of lawful medicinal cannabis dispensaries violates federal law. The California Supreme Court also recently, and unanimously, let the 2012 decision, Pack v. Colvin, stand, which held that a qualified patient who was managing two storefront dispensaries was entitled to a defense in court to criminal charges of transportation of marijuana and possession of concentrated cannabis. The court discussed at length that Colvin had operated a legitimate and lawful storefront dispensary, complying with California's laws and the Attorney General's 2008 guidelines. On May 23, the California Supreme Court unanimously decided to let Colvin stand as good law, essentially endorsing that a qualified patient can operate a lawful storefront dispensary....

Marijuana Dispensary Sues Los Angeles Police Department

Posted on  September 10, 2012 by  News Admin

 One medical marijuana patient collective in Los Angeles is taking a unique approach in its fight to defend itself from being forced to close. It is targeting the L.A. Police Department in a lawsuit. Other suits have been filed by other dispensaries and collectives following the city council's unanimous decision to ban the shops from operating, but this is the first lawsuit to directly take on the city's police department, reports the Cannabis Law Group. The case is Collins Collective v. City of Los Angeles, LAPD. Cannabis Law Group attorney Damian Nassiri is handling the case. According to the collective, the reason for the suit is that L.A. police officers, in violation of California law, threatened "severe repercussions" on August 13 if the collective continued in its efforts to establish a storefront dispensary. Cops said that if the collective opened, they would forcibly shut it down and arrest the members. The collective continued undeterred in its efforts, and members were then visited again by LAPD officers, who again threatened forcible closure and criminal prosecution. Bear in mind that Collins Collective, back in May, submitted its proposed articles of incorporation to the Secretary of State. The state legally recognized the collective on that same day as a medical marijuana, nonprofit, mutual benefit organization founded with the express purpose of growing cannabis and facilitating transactions for medically authorized members. The right of the collective to operate is just such a manner is spelled out in California's Health & Safety Code section 11362.775. Los...

Marijuana Dispensary Will Be Featured On Charity Telethon

Posted on  August 31, 2012 by  News Admin

  Michigan Medical Marijuana Compassion Center Featured on Annual Labor Day Telethon/Show of Strength   Med Joint Director raised the most money in Kalamazoo to fight Muscular Dystrophy   The Med Joint, Kalamazoo's Community Compassion Center, will be featured Sunday, September 2, as the top contributor of donations to the Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Telethon in their area. The yearly telethon is now known as the MDA Show of Strength. This is the first time a medical marijuana dispensing compassion club has been featured on the yearly telethon.   Med Joint Director Kevin Spitler raised $2,578 after being "arrested" by a county sheriff, taken into "custody" at a local restaurant so that he could call friends to "make bail," and then was briefly "jailed for good." "Some of our patients at the Med Joint have muscular dystrophy," Spitler said, "and medical cannabis has been extremely effective in treating their symptoms. After bearing witness to how our patients suffer every day, I figured I could work a little harder at getting those donations."   Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a group of inherited disorders whose symptoms worsen over time. All forms of muscular dystrophy include symptoms of muscle weakness, loss of muscle tissue, painful muscle spasms, contractions, and spinal deformities.   Many of Spitler's patients at the Med Joint use topical oils infused with marijuana, a treatment that helps provides relief from MD symptoms.   "Our patients are experiencing pain relief, muscle relaxation, bronchodilation, saliva reduction, appetite stimulation, and sleep induction," Spitler...

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