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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative Approved For Ballot

Posted on  October 01, 2012 by  News Admin

  State Supreme Court Allows Ballot Language, Arkansas Now First In South to Vote on Medical Marijuana   Great news from Dixie! The Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed a suit challenging the language of the ballot initiative that would allow seriously ill Arkansans to use marijuana to treat certain conditions with the recommendation of their doctors. The initiative will now appear on the November state ballot as Issue 5. Justices rejected a challenge by a coalition of anti-marijuana "conservative" groups who had asked the court to block the initiative from November's general election ballot, or to order the state not to count any votes cast on the issue. Gotta love those wingnuts, trying to deny voters the right to choose! With the court's decision, Arkansas is now the first state in the Southern U.S. whose residents will have a chance to determine if their friends and neighbors will be able to use the medicine that works best for them without the fear of arrest. While the proposal acknowledges that marijuana would still be against federal law, the "Coalition to Preserve Arkansas Values" (hmm... guess they think IGNORANCE is one of those, or something?) argued that it doesn't sufficiently explain that state-authorized cannabis users could still face federal prosecution.  "We hold that it is an adequate and fair representation without misleading tendencies or partisan coloring," the court wrote, effectively handing the Coalition's asses to them. "Therefore, the act is proper for inclusion on the ballot at the general election on...