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69% Favor Decriminalizing Marijuana In BBC Poll

Posted on  October 24, 2012 by  News Admin

  Last week, a major independent study called for the decriminalization of cannabis in the United Kingdom. The publication of a six-year study from the UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC) likened cannabis use to "moderately risky" gambling or junk food. The report prompted the BBC's Sunday Morning Live Show, a weekly topical political news show aired at 10 a.m. every Sunday, to hold a debate on cannabis. The show included a debate in the studio with journalists and broadcasters Germaine Greer, Peter Hitchens, James O'brien, Gary Parker and contributions via Skype from former government drugs advisor Prof. David Nutt, drugs rehab worker, Gary Parker, and Clark French, a medicinal cannabis user with multiple sclerosis who is also NORML UK's national spokesperson. During the show, the BBC ran a viewers poll asking whether cannabis should be decriminalized. The result showed an overwhelming majority in favor, with 69 percent voting yes against only 31 percent who were opposed. "I was incredibly pleased and excited to be invited on BBC1 this morning for a live debate," Clark French said. "I had so much to say and so little time to say it, but I am pleased with the points I managed to convey. I hope to build on the current momentum and reach out to more television shows to share my story and campaign for our right to use cannabis as a safer form of medicine and recreation." "Germaine Greer said 'the people have spoken.' I hope the government will take note of...