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Nobody Charged After Marijuana Defendant Dies In Jail

Posted on  January 07, 2013 by  News Admin

 Michael Saffioti, 22, died in a Snohomish County Jail cell after being locked up on a marijuana charge. Now, thanks to the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department, nobody is being held accountable. Witnesses testified that jail guards mocked the young man as he lay dying, but the Sheriff's Office announced last week that it would not recommend any charges against guards or staff for the tragedy, reports Jon Humbert at KOMO 4. Saffioti died of what his mother, Rose Saffioti, believes was a severe allergic reaction; he is allergic to dairy products. He'd had run-ins with the law over marijuana and needed to turn himself in last July after missing a court date. His mother said her son only wanted to serve his time, as he had done before. She said that she had made it clear to jail authorities, every time, that he is allergic to milk. "They have a huge medical chart," Rose said. "Michael was transported for an allergic reaction before from that unit." After meeting with detectives several times, Rose learned that Michael had been given oatmeal that may have contained milk -- specifically against the medical alerts. "He got up, got breakfast, needed to use the inhaler twice, kept calling for medical," Rose said. Michael died that morning. Even though the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office spinelessly declined to suggest filing criminal charges against anyone, an "internal review" (read: whitewash) will follow. Saffioti believes the system failed her son; she wants changes and some sense of justice....