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New Song Tells Obama Why He Should End War On Marijuana

Posted on  September 06, 2012 by  News Admin

  Hip hop artist Prince Ea has released an epic new 8-minute song, "Smoking Weed With The President," which is both cannabis history lesson and a personal plea for President Barack Obama to end the insane War On Marijuana and its users. In the amazingly adroit lyrics, Prince Ea delves into the history of how marijuana became illegal in the first place, with the lies, racism and political opportunism of Harry J. Anslinger, the infamous head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the architect of cannabis prohibition. The Marijuana Tax Act, effectively the beginning of cannabis prohibition in the United States, was approved by Congress at Anslinger's urging in 1937. The song outlines the harms of drug prohibition -- violence, cartel profits and mass incarceration -- and the benefits of legalization. "In just this one song, Prince Ea summarizes a book's worth of information into a clear and powerful argument against marijuana prohibition," said Tony Newman, director of media relations at the Drug Policy Alliance. Prince Ea is releasing a version of the song on Indiegogo to raise money to shoot a music video to accompany the track. Toke of the Town readers can support Prince Ea's project by donating. Smoking Weed With The President By Prince Ea [Verse 1: Prince EA](Obama impersonator) Mr.President, I come to you on behalf of my generation To talk to you about this little plant situation See, a lot of politicians hate it But I'mma break it down and demonstrate to you Why it's not as bad...