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Educating MADD: Cannabis Is A Weapon Against Drunk Driving

Posted on  January 16, 2013 by  News Admin

  In 2010, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was one of the most vocal and powerful voices opposed to Proposition 19, the failed ballot effort in California which would of legalized cannabis. In 2011, MADD furthered this misplaced opposition by partnering with the ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy, headed by our nation's Drug Czar) in a nationally coordinated effort to combat "drugged driving." In other words; joining forces to oppose efforts to reform our failed cannabis policies, working towards unscientific per se driving laws, and continuing to spread the same misinformation the ONDCP has become famous for. In taking this approach, MADD is counteracting their own agenda. By working to defeat the legalization of cannabis, they're directly responsible for fatalities that could of otherwise been avoided. It's unfortunate that they won't examine recent research: A study released a little over a year ago by the Institute for the Study of Labor found that states which have legalized medical cannabis saw a drastic 9 percent decrease in overall traffic fatalities, including an even higher decrease among young adults. The largest contributor to this drop, was a decrease in alcohol consumption. In reality, legalized cannabis could be one of the largest weapons to combat drunk driving. In 2012, MADD was noticeably quieter with regard to cannabis related ballot initiatives in Washington, Colorado and Oregon. However, we can't take this as a sign of their future absence, since a much larger national push against cannabis law reform is in the works. In speaking with a...