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I-502 Fight Behind DEA's Seattle Dispensary Letters?

Posted on  August 28, 2012 by  News Admin

  Were medical marijuana dispensaries targeted for opposing I-502, which is sponsored by Seattle's city attorney? The Drug Enforcement Administration letters sent out to 23 Seattle-area medical marijuana access points on Thursday are already stinking to high heaven, just over 24 hours later, as allegations of improper influence cloud the air. According to Toke of the Town's well-placed source in the Washington cannabis community, Seattle Attorney Pete Holmes saw, at Hempfest, the strong opposition to Washington state Initiative 502, the "legalization" measure with a strict and unscientific DUI provision that has torn the community asunder. And, according to this version of events, Pete decided he really didn't like the medical marijuana industry very much. Our source tells us that when Holmes got home from Hempfest, still smarting from public relations drubbing the No On 502 folks handed the Yes team at the protestival, he allegedly influenced his good friend U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan to send the letters which went out to dispensaries on Thursday. "Pete Holmes and Seattle's city government were hopping mad at the medical marijuana industry after Hempfest," our source claimed. When Holmes, according to the source, contacted his friend Durkan  -- the top federal prosecutor in Western Washington -- she had the list drawn up of 23 dispensaries within 1,000 feet of schools and parks, drafted the letter, and distributed it Thursday. According to our source, Holmes even went so far as to tell the lawyer of one dispensary, "I can get your client jacked up federally...