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Clergy Leaders Endorse Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act

Posted on  October 31, 2012 by  News Admin

  Faith leaders call on all Arkansans to support compassionate measure Arkansans for Compassionate Care, the committee behind Issue 5, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act, on Tuesday announced a dozen clergy leaders from across the state and from a broad range of denominations have endorsed the measure. The religious coalition was announced at a press conference in Fayetteville, featuring medical professionals and Emily Williams, who used medical marijuana to cope with the side effects of chemotherapy.   "I am proud to be among the faith leaders who have endorsed the use of medical marijuana by seriously ill patients," said Reverend Howard Gordon, minister emeritus at the First Presbyterian Church in Little Rock. "We are compassionate people by nature and Issue 5, at its core, is about compassion. "Arkansans must look beyond the scare tactics used by opponents of the measure and appreciate that there are less fortunate members of society who truly need marijuana to alleviate their suffering," Rev. Gordon said. "One can be opposed to the use of marijuana generally, while accepting that its use by patients, in accordance with a doctor's recommendation, is acceptable," Rev. Gordon said. "I know I do. And I hope the voters of this state will demonstrate their own sense of compassion when they vote."   The endorsing faith leaders listed below signed statements of support containing the following language:  As faith leaders, our position on medical marijuana is driven by compassion. Seriously ill people should not be subject to criminal sanctions for using...