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Former 502 Backer Now Says New Pot Law Too Restrictive

Posted on  December 14, 2012 by  News Admin

 "I now question whether Washington state's initiative needed to be as restrictive as it is." ~ Norm Stamper, former police chief of Seattle Norm Stamper -- the former police chief of Seattle and current member of legalization group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) who was one of the biggest supporters of I-502 in Washington state -- now says that the measure is probably too restrictive. While it's a real shame that Norm couldn't have taken a closer look at the restrictive and downright scary portions of I-502 before giving countless interviews and writing dozens of letters to the editor in support of the measure, the former cop's about-face does highlight the glaring flaws in Washington's "legalization" law, and serves to temper the euphoria which has gripped many in the Evergreen State's cannabis community. Just a month after the election, Stamper told the Seattle Weekly's Nina Shapiro, "I now question whether Washington state's initiative needed to be as restrictive as it is." One of the biggest flies in the ointment is I-502's DUI provision, which establishes a "per se" standard of five nanograms per milliliter of active THC in the blood. This means that anyone with more than that amount will get an automatic conviction for driving while impaired -- even if they aren't actually, you know, impaired. Medical marijuana activists, including myself, argued during the campaign that the 5 ng/ml provision would essentially render patients and other heavy marijuana users legally unable to drive, because many of us wake up, unimpaired,...

Pro-Legalization Cops Screen Prop 19 Marijuana Documentary

Posted on  October 03, 2012 by  News Admin

  Special Preview and Panel Discussion Planned Oct. 24 In Long Beach As debates over widely divergent ballot measures to legalize marijuana heat up in Colorado, Oregon and Washington, a group of cops, judges and other law enforcement officers calling for an end to the war on drugs is holding a special sneak peek at Legalize It, a new documentary about Proposition 19, the 2010 California campaign to legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), in conjunction with Willie Nelson's Luck Films and award-winning filmmakers Dan Katzir and Ravit Markus, on October 214 will host a special screening and discussion panel of the film at the Art Theatre of Long Beach.   • Legalize It, a documentary about the Prop. 19 campaign  • Wednesday, October 24, 2012 7-10 p.m. • Art Theatre of Long Beach, 2025 E. 4th Street, Long Beach Tickets are available online and start at $10. There are also a number of sponsorship packages available. Please see the website or contact Diane Goldstein ( or  telephone 714.232.3722) for more info.  For the documentary, filmmakers followed members of the campaign for eight months, documenting the unlikely alliances that developed and the minor victories and setbacks of the first serious effort to legalize marijuana in the United States. Legalize It is a sensitive and humorous behind-the-scenes look at a colorful campaign, the unlikely people running it and the disparate groups who both opposed and endorsed it. Several LEAP speakers appear in the film.  "In any battle, the people who...

Cops, Judges Support CO's Marijuana Regulation Ballot Measure

Posted on  September 21, 2012 by  News Admin

  National Black and Latino Police Groups Announce Endorsements for Amendment 64 A group of police officers, judges and prosecutors who support Amendment 64, the Colorado ballot measure to regulate marijuana like alcohol, held a press conference on Thursday to release a letter of endorsement signed by law enforcers from across the state and to announce the endorsement of the national police organizations Blacks in Law Enforcement of America and the National Latino Officers Association. The campaign has also secured the personal endorsement of Colorado's public defender, Doug Wilson. "Law enforcement officers are on the front lines of the war on marijuana and have seen first-hand that prohibition does more harm than good," says Art Way, Colorado Senior Drug Policy Manager for the Drug Policy Alliance.  "After spending many, many years trying in good faith to enforce these marijuana prohibition laws, I can report unequivocally that they just don't work," said Tony Ryan, a 36-year veteran Denver police lieutenant, now a board member for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). "But it's worse than that," Ryan said. "Beyond just being ineffective, these laws waste important law enforcement resources that could instead be going to things that actually protect public safety, like solving and preventing murders, rapes and robberies." The sign-on letter from the law enforcers can be read online at Ron Hampton, a former police officer who is executive director of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America, which has endorsed Amendment 64, added, "Keeping these outdated prohibition laws on the books accomplishes...