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Mixed Signals in Florida + IL Prepares for Applications & Study on MMJ Delivery

Posted on  September 09, 2014 by  News Admin

Polls show differing levels of support for medical cannabis legalization in Florida, Illinois gears up for MMJ applications and a study examines the impact of marijuana delivery services. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week:   Florida Polls All Over the Board Two polls surfaced this week that attempt to gauge the level of support for Amendment 2, the measure to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. One – conducted by a firm called Gravis Marketing – found that 64% of registered voters surveyed would vote “yes” on the initiative. Cannabis advocates rejoiced, saying the measure appears poised for success just two months out from the election. But not so fast. Shortly after Gravis released its survey data, a separate poll by the Bob Graham Center for Public Service emerged, finding support levels at just 57%. The poll was conducted in collaboration with the University of Florida Bureau of Economic and Business Research, the Tampa Bay Times and Bay News 9. The two polls differ in several ways. But they both use language from the text of Amendment 2, so they are similar in a key regard. The result of the Bob Graham Center poll is cause for huge concern, as the MMJ measure needs 60% of the vote to pass. If it’s the more accurate of the two polls, medical marijuana might not become a reality in Florida this November. What’s more, both polls show lower levels of support than one...

Questions in FL Over Obtaining Cannabis for CBD Program

Posted on  July 11, 2014 by  News Admin

Entrepreneurs in Florida are wondering how they will obtain cannabis clones and seeds, as the state’s recently approved cannabidiol (CBD) law does not provide any guidelines. Florida’s CBD program allows five companies to cultivate cannabis, synthesize it into CBD oil and then sell it via dispensaries spread strategically throughout the state. But the law does not outline how the businesses are supposed to obtain cannabis seeds, plants or tissue cultures for their first crop. It’s a common issue in new medical marijuana states, which typically fail to address how growers are supposed to get started. In many cases, officials simply look the other way, and cultivators obtain clones and seeds via the black market. Transporting cannabis across state lines is federally illegal, and entrepreneurs in Florida told the Sun Sentinel newspaper that they are unwilling to break the law to start their businesses. One of the co-sponsors behind the CBD bill, Democrat Katie Edwards, said the state could possible obtain cannabis through the University of Florida, which could procure it from the federal marijuana research project at the University of Mississippi. That plan present a problem: the Mississippi farm has not disclosed which strains of cannabis are under cultivation there, and high-CBD strains may not be available. Another co-sponsor, Republican Matt Gaetz, said the easiest way to obtain the initial marijuana needed is “a nondescript white van moving along I-10.” “How these entities get started is clearly not something set forth in the law I passed,” he said. “I think...

Florida for Care creates "Blue Ribbon" panel to guide medical marijuana policy

Posted on  July 10, 2014 by  News Admin

With the vote on medical marijuana a mere four months away, a group chaired by both those who advocate and those who are opposed to medical weed has formed a Blue Ribbon Commission to provide research, expert opinions, and feedback on a wide range of medical marijuana issues. Florida For Care says its purpose is to help formulate a medical marijuana "Gold Standard" for the state by holding several meetings between now and November throughout Florida to not only educate people, but to serve as a resource for state legislators as they seek to develop and support medical marijuana policies. At a time when both sides are getting big money backers, Florida For Care says it's all about making sure things are properly regulated. That's why members for both sides if the issue are heavily involved. The group is chaired by former Speaker and Amendment 2 author John Mills, who backs medical marijuana legalization, and vice chaired by state Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, who opposes Amendment 2. "We want to make sure the Blue Ribbon Committee sets up regulatory standards should Amendment 2 pass," Florida For Care Executive Director Dan Rogers tells New Times. "We're doing this by implementing three guiding principles: Ensuring patient access, having a robust regulatory system, and the promotion of a free commercial enterprise." According to the group, the Blue Ribbon Commission is composed of legal and health experts, patient advocates, business leaders and government reps that will provide research and feedback and info...

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