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N.Y. Times Ad: Prohibition Is Finally Coming To An End

Posted on  December 19, 2012 by  News Admin

  Full Page New York Times Ad in Thursday Paper: "80 Years After the End of Prohibition, Prohibition is Finally Coming to an End"  Comes on Heels of Obama Response to Marijuana Legalization in Colorado and Washington: "We've Got Bigger Fish to Fry" In Thursday's New York Times, a drug policy reform organization is running a full-page ad that thanks voters in Colorado and Washington and emphasizes the growing support for drug policy reform among people from across the political spectrum who are renowned for their leadership in law, health, business, media and politics. Last month, Colorado and Washington became the first two states in the country - and the first political jurisdictions anywhere in the world - to approve legally regulating marijuana like alcohol, with both states' initiatives winning by decisive margins. Even before the votes in Colorado and Washington were counted, 2012 had already been a watershed year for the burgeoning movement to end the war on drugs. Arguments that were articulated just five years ago primarily by intellectuals and activists, and three years ago by former presidents and policymakers, are now being advanced with growing sophistication and nuance by current presidents in Latin America and a small but growing number of elected officials in the United States. In Latin America, presidents such as Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia), Otto Pérez Molina (Guatemala), and José Mujica (Uruguay) are embracing alternatives to prohibition. In a sign of the shifting political tides, two U.S. governors from opposite sides of the aisle...