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Cop Trying To Shoot Dog In Drug Raid Shoots Fellow Officer

Posted on  November 20, 2012 by  News Admin

  Over the last few years, it seems cops have decided it's the "thing to do" when conducting drug raids on family residences: Going in with guns blazing and shooting the family pets has become the barbaric way things are done in America's War On Drugs. It's almost as if once the avid Drug Warriors saw their fellow boys in blue getting away with this kind of thing, it became "their right" to shoot the dogs on the most petty little pot raids. Now, they've gotten so avid about shooting family dogs while on drug raids, that in their unholy enthusiasm, these contemptible morons have starting shooting each other. A Memphis police office was recently shot and critically injured by Officer Byron Willis, 43, who claimed he was aiming at a dog, city officials said on November 8. Willie Bryant, 32, of the Organized Crime Unit, was taken to the Regional Medical Center at Memphis. He slipped into critical condition and was taken into surgery, Memphis Police Department Director Toney Armstrong said, report Jody Callahan, Scott Carroll, and Kristina Goetz of The Commercial Appeal. One of those "multi-jurisdictional gang unit task forces" -- you know, the kind designed to suck up fat federal "crime fighting" grants without ever actually accomplishing anything except allowing wanna-be Rambos to dress up in combat gear and terrorize citizens -- was serving a warrant at 589 Arrington near Thomas in North Memphis when the incident began. When police burst into the home, two dogs, a pit...