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48-State Cannabis Education Signature Drive Announced

Posted on  January 14, 2013 by  News Admin

 What No Excuses Entertainment is calling the first-ever nationwide cannabis education tour and signature drive will start March 8 in Nederland, Colorado. The 2013 Cannabis Education Signature Drive, as it's being called, will kick off at Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, held March 8 through 10. If things go according to plan, the tour will then, over a three-month period, cover all of the lower 48 states. According to No Excuses CEO Thurlow Weed, this will be his second annual Cannabis Education Tour. Last year, Thurlow completed a 2-1/2 month, seven-state tour that started at the world's largest 4/20 rally in Denver, then headed to Washington state and Oregon to cover events like SONShine Organics' Washington Farmers Market. But this tour, according to No Excuses, will be different, because they are also going to be collecting signatures of Americans that support cannabis legalization, petition-style, on the Cannabis Education Tour RV itself as it makes its way from state to state. "We need a way to pull the cannabis community together as a whole across the nation," Thurlow said. "We need to leave not just a better planet for our children. We need to leave better children for our planet. "What better way to do it than to rally and collect signatures in all of the lower 48 states that we can drive to?" Thurlow asked. "We understand that the RV is not a real petition, but what better way to show the cannabis community, and the world, that this...