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Cannabis Cures Cancer: Look At Me, I'm Cancer Free!

Posted on  October 29, 2012 by  News Admin

  After just a few weeks of ingesting raw cannabis and taking Nternal oil at night, the spider-web-like mass found in my left breast during both a mammogram and subsequent ultra-sound, was nowhere to be found during the first scheduled biopsy.  While there was still a target point for a biopsy, and the oncologist wanted to proceed, I made a deal and bought another month of time. I continued to ingest a green drink made with cannabis in a blender daily, and began ingesting RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), also known as Phoenix Tears, nightly. During the second scheduled biopsy one month later, the "target point" was gone, with the attending physician declaring, "No biopsy needed." Technical Error The attending ultrasound technician (also attending during the first scheduled biopsy) wrote it off as a "technical error" on the part of both the initial mammogram technician and the ultra-sound technician prior. The thing is, as written in the two previous essays, I too saw the spider-web-like mass with my own eyes, peering over both technicians shoulders. I remember saying to the mammogram technician, "Wow, that looks like a spider-web," not having done the research yet, and being unaware of what Lobular Carcinoma looked like.  Sadly, the medical community's hands are tied when it comes to acknowledging cannabis as a cure for cancer. As long as our federal government has it scheduled with heroin, including it in its miserably failed "War On Drugs," how can they?  60 Grams In 90 Days Just after...

Cannabis vs. Cancer: The Covert War

Posted on  September 04, 2012 by  News Admin

  As detailed in my last essay, a spider-web-like mass found in my right breast during both a mammogram and ultrasound found me looking at a biopsy for possible Lobular Carcinoma. In the past month pending the biopsy I began upping my ingesting of cannabis in tinctures, oil, and raw leaves. The morning of the biopsy I ingested a tablespoon of infused honey tincture, rather than the usual "Valium" needed for my "medical procedure phobias," as I'm replacing most everything I can these days with the green. I was completely relaxed as the technician rolled the ultrasound's magic wand around my breast, thinking to myself, "Wouldn't it be amazing if the minimal amount ingested was enough to make that spider-web disappear?"  As I lay there further telling myself, "Too good to be true, not going to happen to me," the technician informs, "I can't seem to find it." After looking at past and current views, the surgeon said, "We might not do this today."  To which I informed, "I've been ingesting raw cannabis - that may be the reason," to which he asks if he can do that therapy too.  Why is it that stoner jokes always to come into play whether we are discussing medicine or not? As if getting high is the end-all, as I lay there with my boob exposed and jelled, facing the big "C."  But this is my moment to enlighten. I advise, no, ingesting of raw cannabis will not get you high, and teased that...