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The #Cannabis Conspiracy and the Abdication of Medicine

Posted on  November 30, 2012 by  News Admin

  By Al Byrne Patients Out of Time It's true enough what the federal wordsmiths of spin roll out about there being a conspiracy to make cannabis available to the sick in the United States. There is such a cabal of cannabis crusaders working to undermine the U.S. government's role in determining what medicine(s) patients can use, and when, and how. I know most of these people and let me assure you that they are serious about their goal (1). I'm one of the conspirators. Some, like Libertarians and the Tea Party stalwarts, are half crazy about the wide reach of all governments into their lives -- negative, as they see it. Many are politically active, seeing the election of selected politicians the key to a change in the rules of cannabis prohibition regardless of whether they sport a red or blue tie. The politically oriented see a goal of 21 states with legal cannabis as a jump off for a Constitutional Amendment process -- a move that places  decisions best made by health care professionals in the hands of non-medical citizens. The Capitalists have moved into the cabal after surrounding the gathering with a multitude of products to infuse, to eat, to vaporize, to chew, to suck, to rub, or to inhale. Their money now challenges the federal government's investment in a long running cannabis annihilation project defined by the knowing citizen as a failure.  Some, including me, have gone to the courts and demanded a change to the...