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Nation's First Legal Marijuana Club Already Closed In Colorado

Posted on  January 02, 2013 by  News Admin

 But Second Pot Club Is Still Open For Business The first legal recreational marijuana club in the United States has closed its doors, just one day after opening, due to a misunderstanding with the landlord, but the second club is still open for business. The White Horse Inn opened Monday in the tiny town of Del Norte, becoming -- by just a few hours -- the first in Colorado to offer adults a chance to have a legal joint with their coffee, reports John Ingold at The Denver Post. When the landlord saw the publicity about Monday's opening, he canceled the lease before it took effect, according to White Horse owner Paul Lovato. The lease didn't start until Tuesday. "By opening early I kind of screwed myself out of my building," Lovato admitted on Tuesday. He had planned on having a storefront for customers to buy coffee and T-shirts, as well as other souvenirs, with a private building next door where customers could smoke free samples of cannabis. "The White Horse Inn will be a coffee shop, head shop, 420 shop, etc.," an excited Lovato had told pot critic William Breathes of Denver Westword. "It'll have a full coffee menu, but won't serve anything infused. No put will be served or sold or distributed. But next door, at the private property, marijuana is complimentary." Lovato had planned to open just after midnight as New Year's Eve became New Year's Day, but competition with Denver's Club 64, a members-only group that plans events...

Cops, Judges Support CO's Marijuana Regulation Ballot Measure

Posted on  September 21, 2012 by  News Admin

  National Black and Latino Police Groups Announce Endorsements for Amendment 64 A group of police officers, judges and prosecutors who support Amendment 64, the Colorado ballot measure to regulate marijuana like alcohol, held a press conference on Thursday to release a letter of endorsement signed by law enforcers from across the state and to announce the endorsement of the national police organizations Blacks in Law Enforcement of America and the National Latino Officers Association. The campaign has also secured the personal endorsement of Colorado's public defender, Doug Wilson. "Law enforcement officers are on the front lines of the war on marijuana and have seen first-hand that prohibition does more harm than good," says Art Way, Colorado Senior Drug Policy Manager for the Drug Policy Alliance.  "After spending many, many years trying in good faith to enforce these marijuana prohibition laws, I can report unequivocally that they just don't work," said Tony Ryan, a 36-year veteran Denver police lieutenant, now a board member for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). "But it's worse than that," Ryan said. "Beyond just being ineffective, these laws waste important law enforcement resources that could instead be going to things that actually protect public safety, like solving and preventing murders, rapes and robberies." The sign-on letter from the law enforcers can be read online at Ron Hampton, a former police officer who is executive director of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America, which has endorsed Amendment 64, added, "Keeping these outdated prohibition laws on the books accomplishes...