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Alarm Co. Cancels Contract With AIDS Patient Because Of Pot

Posted on  January 22, 2013 by  News Admin

 A Sacramento, California AIDS patient who grows medical marijuana said his home alarm company of three years dropped him after a repairman saw cannabis plants inside his house. "I still want to call the governor," said the homeowner, Jay, who wanted to remain anonymous. "If this company doesn't want to recognize our state laws, they maybe we shouldn't license them [in California]," reports Richard Sharp at KCRA. The homeowner said he grows the marijuana legally for himself and more than a dozen other legal medical marijuana patients. He said the alarm company, ADT, said it doesn't service homes with medical marijuana growing operations because of federal laws, which do not permit possession of cultivation of marijuana for any purpose. "It's like one more time state laws are just ignored, and that's not right,"Jay said. KCRA contacted ADT about its company policy for California homes that contain legal medical marijuana grow operations. The company emailed the following response through spokeswoman Sarah Cohn: As a matter of policy, ADT does not provide services to medical marijuana dispensaries even in states where they are legal under state law because they are still illegal under federal law. Several local alarm companies, upon being contacted by KCRA, said they had absolutely no problem protecting homes with medical marijuana grow operations. The AIDS patient whose alarm contract was canceled said he fears he will now have to spend hundreds of dollars to have another alarm installed, when his current alarm only needed to be repaired. If...