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Legal Marijuana Provider Gets 10 Years, Lecture From Judge

Posted on  January 07, 2013 by  News Admin

  Aaron Sandusky Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison By Cheri Sicard Cannabis Cheri Aaron Sandusky, the president of G3 Holistics, which operated three legal (under state law) California medical marijuana dispensaries, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison on Monday in Los Angeles. Once his sentence is served, Sandusky will then face five years of supervised probation, including random drug testing.  He is also being compelled to complete a drug rehab program, despite any evidence he actually has a drug addiction problem. Defense attorney Roger Diamond made an impassioned plea on behalf of  his client, highlighting the conflicting opinions not only between state and federal law, both also laws within the state of California. He pointed out that Sandusky provided much needed medicine to seriously ill patients in full and open compliance with California state laws. Diamond pleaded for leniency in sentencing in light of the fact that his client had not hurt anyone and his "crimes" were completely victimless. The judge wasn't buying any of it, and in fact looked as if he were struggling to stay awake. Before imposing sentence, Judge Percy "No Mercy" Anderson inquired if the shackled, prison issue jumpsuit-clad Sandusky had anything to say for himself. Aaron stood tall and spoke clearly and eloquently, apologizing to his business partners and co-workers who got dragged into the legal mess. He explained that one of these men was an independent contractor hired to do some construction work and found himself  in the wrong place...