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Three Charged in Murder of Calif. Medical Marijuana Grower Last Week

Posted on October 10, 2013 by News Admin

Three men suspected of killing a marijuana grower in Tehama County, Calif. just south of Redding have been arrested on murder charges. Police are still seeking a fourth suspect.

Cops are still piecing the story together, but it seems that 37-year-old Keo Oudone Vannarath was living or staying in a camper at a legal medical garden early last Thursday morning when Roger Bounnhaseng, Alan Doulphus, Jr and Chase Doulphus drove up to rob the growers of their plants. Vannarath was shot trying to escape and the robbers fled.

Police say they were alerted to something going on when a red pickup stopped at a neighbor near the grow site and asked them to call 911. It's not clear who drove who, but police eventually found the truck with Vannarath about 12 miles away in Red Bluff. He was half-dead by that time, and life saving efforts failed to resuscitate him.

Meanwhile, someone at the grow must have contacted police because an APB was put out for the silver Honda containing the alleged robbers. Cops found it with help from the California Highway Patrol helicopter in Shasta County about an hour to the northeast. Sheriffs tried to stop the car, but it sped off. A chase ensued, ending when the Honda crashed hard. One of the occupants was sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

Cops say they found a loaded magazine and pot in the car. The three have been charged with second-degree robbery, possession of marijuana for sale, selling marijuana and disregard for safety (for the car chase). All three were held on a $2,050,000 bail.