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Phoenix Man Arrested for Pot Blames Federal Government Shutdown

Posted on October 08, 2013 by News Admin

This government shutdown seems to be causing very serious problems for some Americans.

In fact, a 26-year-old Phoenix man arrested for marijuana possession told police that he was just smoking pot because the shutdown was stressing him out too much, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Jawaun Taylor was pulled over for a traffic violation near 35th and Northern avenues and placed under arrest for not providing ID, according to the documents.

Police allege a "strong odor" of marijuana was coming from the car, and police found a bag of weed in Taylor's shirt pocket after searching him, the documents state.

Taylor "stated he was stressed out due to the government shutdown and had to smoke some weed," a probable-cause statement says.

It's not exactly clear what part of the shutdown he was worried about, since court filings indicate Taylor's employed full-time by a private company and told pre-trial services that he doesn't receive any government benefits.

Taylor, who did not have a medical-marijuana card, was booked into jail on the felony marijuana-possession charge.