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California Is Not the Capital of Medical Cannabis in the United States

Posted on August 26, 2013 by News Admin

We always like to say L.A. is the medical marijuana capital of America, and it's true. We have an estimated 1,000-plus pot retailers, which pretty much blows everything else out of the water.

But the Massachusetts Medical Society's "Answer Page" recently crunched the numbers on medical cannabis patients across America and concluded that California is not king:

Nope. Turns out Colorado, which is now a recreational-pot state, has more patients per capital than California.

In fact, we came in third! Oregon beat us out, too.

According to The Answer Page's recent ranking, Colorado has 21.04 patients per 1,000 residents. Oregon beats us by a hair with 14.71. California has 14.69. Washington is close behind with 14.63. Michigan rounds out the top 5 with 12.39.

OK, so we lose because our state population, nearly 38 million, is so large.

But California still has the highest (and we do mean highest) total number of medical marijuana users: 553,684.

Smoke on that, Colorado (total patients: 107,666).