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Towns Looking at Where to Allow Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Posted on July 11, 2013 by News Admin

The recently passed state law allowing medical marijuana in Massachusetts has towns looking at where dispensaries would best fit in.

Chicopee passed an amendment to their zoning regulations to allow medical marijuana dispensaries into areas that are zoned for industrial use.

These stores, however, aren't allowed to be too close to places where kids gather, like churches, parks, or daycares, according to Chicopee planning director.
Ester Jacobson from West Springfield told 22News she accepts the addition of dispensaries as area businesses.

"I'm in favor of medical marijuana of people who are in that situation, why shouldn't they have it," Jacobson said.
Agawam's planning board will vote next Thursday, July 18th, for a moratorium... to get more time to come up with a plan for zoning regulations, and decide where the dispensaries will be allowed to go.
A few towns in the area doing the same, according Agawam's planning director.

If towns do not come up with their own zoning regulations, the dispensaries are allowed in any current commercial zone.  The law also allows up to  five dispensaries per county.