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Growing Without A Medical Marijuana Card Legal and/or Cheaper Than Being Licensed?

Posted on November 13, 2012 by News Admin

 OK, so im just curious about this...

my friend is growing right now with no mmj card and about 57 plants in so cal. I'm concerned about the consequences if hes caught. he claims ( and also a few other people i know that grow a nice amount) its pretty much a slap on the wrist for a first time offender if you have the money to pay the fines and hire a good attorney and that basically, its about 5-6k in fines and a good lawyer will get it reduced to a possession charge in most cases and you would maybe get 6-8 months of probation or maybe house arrest. he's even told me that he knows several cops that buy weed from him who say they don't care about small ops like that and that he even knows a DEA agent(a family member of his) that told him its basically not a very big deal if your under 99 plants and that they don't wanna waste their time with petty shit like that. like they wanna go after big ops that have 3, 4, 600 plants and looks good in the media and their phony "war on drugs"

my question is,

1) if you are caught by LEO with that amount( around 30-60 plants), can a good attorney really bail you out and get your charges reduced at all if your a first time offender.

2)does it make a difference if you DO have your mmj card and /or several other card holders to help claim the garden to claim a co-op?

3) if a good attorney CAN get you out of hot water, is paying a few thousand dollars and expensive legal fees the worst case scenario?

4) has anyone or anyone you know or herd of ever been caught growing in southern california with 30-60 plants? what happened to them? did they serve a prison sentence? did they have an mmj card?state card?



1) Maybe. But why risk it when he can get a card and grow that much - for personal use only, though? The second you start distributing to anyone other than you, the waters will get murky and the consequences will get bigger and uglier.

2) Yes, but it will actually have to be setup as one. You can't just grab a group of friends and tell the judge, "See! We're a co-op." There are processes and regulations to abide by, including having to be licensed as a co-op and everything involved with that.

3) Add jailtime if they think you're growing with the intent on distributing on a large scale than just for personal use. Especially if you're not licensed or legally able to do so. The courts LOVE to make examples out of people like your friend. They want their tax revenue too.

4) I've heard of lots of people getting caught growing without being legally allowed to do so (without a card). Most of them paid pretty hefty fines - plus hefty lawyer fees and either got some jailtime or a good chunk of probation - which isn't fun at all.

Hopefully that helps.


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