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Documentary Offers Disturbing Look at Impact of War on Drugs

Posted on September 25, 2012 by News Admin


Danny Glover and Director Eugene Jarecki Will Hold Advance Screening of The House I Live In, Winner of Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, in San Francisco on Monday, Sept. 24

Filmmakers Teaming Up with Advocacy Groups, Law Enforcement, Elected Officials across Country to Educate and Mobilize to End Disastrous War on Drugs

A special screening of the thought-provoking documentary, The House I Live In, will be held Monday, September 24, at 6 p.m., in San Francisco. The Drug Policy Alliance, ACLU of Northern California, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, and Californians United for a Responsible Budget will host the screening.

Immediately following the screening, there will be a Q&A session with the director, Eugene Jarecki, who is partnering with a vast array of advocacy groups, legislators and law enforcement to spread the film's message about the disastrous consequences of the failed War On Drugs.

Other panelists include actor Danny Glover (who is an executive producer of the film), Senator Mark Leno, and Dorsey Nunn, executive director of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children. The discussion will be moderated by Lynne Lyman, California state director for the Drug Policy Alliance. The event is sponsored by the Rosenberg Foundation.

Since the 1970s, the war on drugs has accounted for 45 million arrests and has cost more than $1 trillion. As a result, the United States has become the world's largest jailer, and the high volume of drug arrests have destroyed low-income communities, creating a vicious cycle that must be stopped.

Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, The House I Live In offers a poignant look inside U.S. drug policy and it's far-reaching impact. Executive producers include Danny Glover, John Legend, Russell Simmons, and Joslyn Barnes.

The film will be opening in theaters in Los Angeles on October 12. 

What: Community screening of "The House I Live In" (Immediately followed by a Q&A with director Eugene Jarecki and other special guests)

When: Monday, September 24, 6 p.m.

Where: Delancey Street, 600 Embarcadero, San
Francisco, CA 94107

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