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Marijuana Activist Launches Recall of Michigan Attorney General

Posted on September 11, 2012 by News Admin

 A new recall effort against Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette -- infamous for his dogged opposition to the medical marijuana law approved by an overwhelming 63 percent of state voters in 2008 -- is underway.

Attorney General Schuette has been busily trying to dismantle the state's medical marijuana law ever since it was passed by voters. He claims to be a "states' rights conservative" -- unless the "state's right" we're talking about is a medical marijuana law.

Marijuana activist Richard Clement is trying, for the second time, to remove the attorney general after falling short with a petition signature drive last year, reports WKZO.

Clement, a member of the Lansing chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), said he wants to boot Schuette for two reasons.

One is the attorney general's alleged use of his office to "disenfranchise state of Michigan medical marijuana program participants" and the second is Schuette's actions to remove elected school board officials in Detroit, according to Clement.

According to an opinion issued by Attorney General Schuette last November, police are not required to return confiscated medical marijuana to a patient or caregiver -- even though state law prohibits medical pot seizures.

Schuette, who has evidently mistaken himself for a federal officer rather than someone who's in charge of enforcing Michigan's laws, said the provision in the state's 2008 medical marijuana law directly conflicts with, and is preempted by, federal law.

"By returning marijuana to a registered patient or caregiver, a law enforcement officer is exposing himself or herself to potential criminal and civil penalties under the [federal law] for the distribution of marijuana or abetting the possession or distribution of marijuana," Schuette's opinion stated -- despite the fact that this scenario has never happened in any state, in history.

So while the illustrious attorney general is ever-so-concerned about police officers in the great state of Michigan breaking federal law by giving patients their medicine back, he's completely unconcerned that the cops broke state law by taking the damn stuff in the first place.

Umm... Michigan? What were you thinking when you elected this pathetic moron in the first place?

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