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How To Start a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Cultivation, Etc. In Florida

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Site Admin

As I'm sure you've seen, Florida will vote on whether or not to allow medical marijuana businesses and customers/patients in the state on November 7, 2014.

We've gotten a lot of calls and emails about what someone can do to "get ahead" and be ready the second the law goes into effect.

Here's what you can do right now and what you can prepare for in the future:

1) Until the vote happens in November, all you can do is arm yourself with information and understand how the other state's marijuana programs work. You can do that easiest by acquiring our Pre-Legalization Package, which is written in plain english and easy to understand.

2) Keep your ear to the ground as far as news is concerned. It's a hot-button issue and the news is all over this area and will continue to be for years to come.

3) If the vote passes in November, you will still have anywhere from 6-24 months until the laws are actually put into practice and you can start making moves to begin your business in the industry.

Basically, the regulators will have to come in and take the laws that were voted on and implement them into a workable regulatory system so everyone can be licensed and compliant. This step takes the longest and is when regulations can and will change, sometimes on an hourly basis.

This is when potential business owners get tripped up the most. They start making advances in certain areas only to have the regulations change. It would be wise to not do much until the regulations are officially settled on. There's not much anyone can do until the regulations are solidified anyways.

4) Once the regulators have installed the infrastructure to meet the demand of licensing for patients and businesses, then you'll be able to apply for the various licenses for a marijuana dispensary/storefront, marijuana growing/cultivation, marijuana delivery service, marijuana edibles and whatever other facets of the industry the state will want to license.

5) Come back to, we'll have the various packages in place to help customers start and run their marijuana businesses to the exact letter of the law.

Currently, you can and should arm yourself with knowledge, follow the news and be prepared to wait a while before you can start making any moves - otherwise you could find yourself behind the others if you jump too far ahead, because you will definitely be wrong.